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How to Select the Best-Fit Web CMS Solution

Thursday, January 31, 2013 @ 05:01 PM
Author: Jade Carter

Regretting the decision to purchase a Web CMS is something companies should not have to go through – as selecting the right Web CMS Solution must involve some key steps that resonate with your company’s needs and goals.

We recently released our 2013 White Paper on How to Select a Web CMS from a consultant’s perspective – not from that of the vendors’. Our white paper includes 8-essential steps that will help you make the right decision and will work for your company – not against it.

Some of the highlights of the White Paper are:

Determining the Focal Needs: With so many Web CMS options available, it becomes hard to pick a system that is just the right fit. One of the key elements in selecting the best solution for your organization’s needs is to determine the focal needs without which the Web CMS system won’t work for you.

Going through an RFP phase later in the process not sooner: This crucial step helps get the key information you need from your top potential technology partners and eliminates the need for a 60 page RFP that is merely a sales and marketing piece.

Hire a Consultant: Companies who hire a consultant to help with various steps of the Web CMS selection process avoid the risk of not knowing. It is a good practice to hire a consultant who can refer trusted partners and will help validate the need of getting a new system that works for your company.

To learn more about the various steps and the right approach, download our 2013 White Paper.

And, if you are in the market for a new Web CMS, and not sure where to start, contact us for a free consultation.


Selecting a Web CMS Platform? Consider These Steps!

Thursday, November 29, 2012 @ 04:11 PM
Author: Jade Carter

Jade Carter, my fellow blogger, recently wrote an incredible article about the important steps to consider when selecting a Web CMS platform.

Three Important Steps he highlighted are (note, many more steps are necessary):

  • Talk to Everyone (All Stakeholders)
  • Don’t Let the (IT Department) Dictate the Selection Process
  • Take Control of the Vendor Demos

Let us now get right into the details!

Talk to everyone – No better advice than this! Involving all stakeholders is key to a Web CMS Success just like it is with involving board members at a committee meeting. Why is that some might think? And the answer is simple: because a Web CMS performs a lot of functions and needs various departments involved in getting projects completed and pushed onto the web for the end-users and often in-house staff. Some of the things that most websites for medium-large businesses consider are: Intranet, e-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and more. So it becomes imperative for the key stakeholders to understand how the chosen system can deliver on the key items.

Don’t let IT dictate the selection process – Although, the IT department needs to be involved in the process of selecting a Web CMS for your organization – don’t forget about the departments that deal with the CMS platform on an everyday basis and most importantly with the end-users directly. We are talking about Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Administration. The IT department may very well be able to deploy the system, but if it does not work well for the ones operating them on a regular basis, it most definitely isn’t the right a Web CMS Success just like it is with involving board members at a committee meeting. Why is that some might think? And the answer is simple: because a Web CMS performs a lot of functions and needs various departments involved in getting projects completed and pushed onto the web for the end-users and often in-house staff. Some of the things that most websites for medium-large businesses consider are: Intranet, e-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and more. So it becomes imperative for the key stakeholders to understand how the chosen system can deliver on the key items.

Take control of the vendor demos – Demos are what the vendors love and want to do – and so should they! It is a great opportunity for them to show what their platforms can do for your organization! Very good! However, make sure that the different stakeholders (from different departments) are present at the demos – to ask relevant questions, to suggest what it is that they want the chosen CMS platform to do.

Bottom-line: Choose a system that most (ideally all) stakeholders approve of, and do your research – go with the platform that best suits your needs (time, budget, functionality, features, and ease of use).

The original article can be found here .

And if you are currently in the market for a new Web CMS, make sure you register for a complimentary CMS Connected Live Show on “How To Select a Web CMS.”

First off we hope that this post will encourage some of our readers to chime in on what is a completely open ended topic which can easily break off in many different directions.

Mobile Web

Okay, our experiences engaging the web via all manner of mobile devices has been around for years. Thankfully the technology and deployment of the mobile web experience has recently exploded into a truly focused enterprise. Early adopted strategies (let’s start at the first smartphones; I don’t think anyone puts much thought into the flip phone browsing experience) presented featureless static external websites. These sites were managed outside of the main ‘desktop’ website and were generally glorified business cards with some text links and contact info. Gradually, as phones gained both bandwidth and processor speed, we started to see more ‘experience’ based enhancements providing a Mobile Application feel with poppy buttons, functional forms and some deeper content. Still, there were little to no transactions occurring as the game was still to get you through the door, on the phone or submitting simple form data.

Beyond the Two Site Mobile Strategy

This dual site mobile strategy, while the best that the web had to offer at the time, was a management nightmare and a very inefficient deployment model for most site owners. Sites with endless resources could produce a high value mobile solution but this was rare as this mobile web phenomenon was still vastly misunderstood and technologies (mobile devices) still maturing. Sure, the CMS platforms were starting to adopt OOB device detection capabilities and providing interfaces and layouts for the ‘mobile site’, but we were still seeing the use of external domains ( and separation of CMS data creating additional layers of workflow and content creation.

Enter Responsive Design …design … design …design …

Now don’t we sound smart? Well we know now that this is the game changing development framework that we’ve been waiting for. Retire the outdated external domain, consolidate your content development and let the parent website serve up the appropriate layout and content based on a combination of device OS and aspect ratio. The deployment possibilities are only bound by the creative energy of the implementing firm, but in the meantime try resizing your browser window size after loading this site:

Hifi Centre Responsive Design Example

So… Mobile Web; will you emerge from the virtual shadows to answer any of these questions?

  • Which Web CMS is providing the best OOB Mobile Web experience?
  • Which Web CMS is ‘bottling’ their OOB Mobile Web offering?
  • Which Web CMS can boast “Can’t Touch This!” with their clearly, industry leading OOB Responsive Design solution?




Free Online Webinar

Date: Wednesday May 23rd 2012
Time: 12pm – 1pm EST (9am PST)
Location: Online (Registration Required)

There are literally dozens of reasons why an organization could stumble and fall while deploying a Web Content Management solution, which could end up being a costly venture or worse… a failed project.

Whether you’re a Marketing Manager, IT Manager, Content Manager or a CMS Consultant, there will always be certain challenges and areas to watch out for that you must avoid or overcome.

That is why on May 23rd Gary Eisenstein, Presdient of Falcon-Software and Josh Anstey, VP of Partner Engagement at Elcom have pooled together over 20-years of combined content management knowledge in uncovering what you need to consider and prepare for during the lifecycle of a Web CMS project.



This FREE 60-minute Webinar will focuse on:

  • What should be considered when planning and deploying a Website CMS project.
  • How to overcome certain obstacles that will arise during the project.
  • Useful tips and workarounds that can be instantly used, whether you are at the starting stage, half way through, nearly complete or already finished your Web CMS project.

If the success of your Web CMS project is vital to you and your stakeholders, then attending this Webinar is a must. Sign up today!


Click here to register for this webinar

A Look Back at the Web CMS Industry in 2011

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 @ 03:01 PM
Author: Gary Eisenstein

Click here to watch the show

CMS-Connected Show

 What will be discussed during the show:

– How vendors reshaped the definition of WCM in 2011

– Online Customer Engagement… is there an ROI?

– Are the big ECM vendors evolving enough?

– WCM and the role it plays for a Social Enterprise

– Are we better off in the cloud and what was learned from all the cloud crashes

– Is mobile the key to your customer experience strategy?

– Key vendor acquisitions & mergers in 2011

– Major WCM software releases in 2011

– Debate on the industry leading reports… Gartner, Forrester and other ranking reports.

– Predications for the Web CMS industry in 2012.

While many are looking to the future, on January 19th CMS-Connected will be taking a look back on the Web Content Management industry, which has seen some major changes in 2011. It has always been the strength of the Web CMS industry to define its place within the evolution of the online customer experience, and seemingly never more so than in 2011.

While many organizations have their CMS processes in check, there are many more who still have a lot of work to do and we hope this 60-minute Year In Review Webcast will assist in your Web CMS plans for 2012.



How to Select a Web CMS Solution

For organizations that are looking for a CMS solution to manage their websites, intranets, or portal sites there are literally hundreds of potential platforms from which to choose. CMS platforms vary significantly in price, design, functionality, and in many cases, provide far more than just content management capabilities. As such, there is more to consider than just how content is managed.

On December 16th, three expert panelists (Irina, Scott & Carmine) from industry leading CMS consulting firms will get together on CMS-Connected to discuss the complexities of selecting a CMS solution, with the goal of providing industry insights that will help you to effectively evaluate and differentiate CMS solutions and ultimately make a more informed purchasing decision. Attendees can also send in questions for the panel via Twitter during the live event.

Irina Guseva on CMS-Connected   Scott Liewehr on CMS-Connected   Carmine Porco on CMS-Connected 


Sign Up for This Free Event Now!



Here’s help with finding the best fit for your company.

There are a lot of features and functions to consider when searching for web content management solutions. Ensuring the best product fit for your company’s particular needs is an essential part of the process. That’s why our vendor partner Sitecore is pleased to present this scorecard from Ars Logica founder, Tony White.

The featured Web CMS vendor scorecards rate the industry in an easy-to-understand, quantitative format and include recommendations to help companies find the right CMS solution to meet their business needs.

See how leading Web CMS vendors score in key criteria including:

  1. usability – relative ease of learning and using
  2. scalability – ability to function well as system demands increase
  3. marketing and sales tools – the presence and quality of tools that engage customers


Summer Heats Up for Falcon-Software

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 @ 05:07 PM
Author: Gary Eisenstein

JULY 20th, 2011

Falcon-Software is proud to announce the signing of several new web content mangement contracts for this Summer:

The Dufresne Group
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Kentico CMS Solution)

Pictured above: One of Dufresne’s Ashley Furniture store locations.

Kofax, Inc.
Irvine, California (Sitefinity CMS Training)

First Continental Mortgage
Houston, Texas (Elcom CMS Solution)

General Board of Global Ministries
New York, New York (Elcom CMS Solution)

Ontario Real Estate Association
Don Mills, Ontario (Sitecore CMS Solution)

The company has been on quite the roll of late, running production to near capacity for over16-months with no slow down in sight. To help alleviate potential over-capacity issues, Falcon-Software is hiring once again and has recently secured an additional 2,000 square feet of office space at the corporate head office in Victoria.

In addition, Falcon-Software has also recently increased the production staff by 15% and has promoted Mirko Freund to Senior Web Architect. Mirko has been working with the company as a .NET Web Application Developer, bringing a wealth of talent and experience to Falcon’s development core and assisting in the advancement of our enterprise application integration capabilities. Mirko previously worked at Proximity Technology in Hamburg, Germany as their  Senior .NET Web Application Developer, and has over fifteen years of extensive experience.

“Although, we are very excited with the recent new account announcements, it certainly does not paint the whole picture of what’s truly going on in production for us heading into the summer months”, states Gary Eisenstein, President of Falcon-Software Company. “Our top 5 most active accounts in 2011, have loaded us up with enough project work to carry us straight through until Fall”. “That combined with the newly acquired accounts and the ever flowing smaller projects makes for a very busy time at Falcon”, says Eisenstein.



Tightly integrates social community software with a sophisticated marketing platform

Telligent, a leader in enterprise social community software, demonstrates the powerful combination of Sitecore’s CMS and Digital Marketing System with Telligent Community at Sitecore Dreamcore 2011 North America from April 19-20 in Boston, and to a sold out audience at Sitecore Dreamcore Europe from June 5-7 in London.

Dreamcore 2011 is a professional development and networking event that includes business and technical sessions tailored to the needs of partners and customers.

Marketing complexity has increased due to new social layers, tools that are disconnected, difficulty in managing and blending together owned and earned media and customers trusting peer recommendations 5x greater than company advertisements. Plus, customers want to interact with brands in multiple channels in a consistent, mutually beneficial way.

The events enable Telligent to show marketers how they can integrate advanced marketing platforms (e.g., CMS, email, marketing, commerce, analytics, etc.) with a best-in-class community platform to provide organizations with a stronger brand experience and deeper relationships throughout the entire customer life cycle.

“The Telligent and Sitecore integration helps organizations move from a linear to a circular marketing model by integrating content and conversations among customers, employees and the company,” said Wendy Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer of Telligent.

Sitecore is a leading CMS software provider that enables companies to deliver compelling web experiences. Sitecore’s award-winning CMS software makes it easy for businesses to create and update dynamic, full-featured Web sites of all types. Sitecore’s industry leading flexibility and scalability allows companies to better leverage their content, improve customer experience, and drive business growth.

Telligent Community, the market leader in social community software, supports a number of the largest and most widely referenced communities in the world. With both Sitecore and Telligent built on the Microsoft .NET platform, the integration accomplishes the following:

  • Showcase Telligent-powered blog, forum and file content in a Sitecore-powered site using native Sitecore controls
  • Links customers and prospects to a dedicated community site for further engagement
  • Displays relevant content inside community based on tagging
    Allows single sign on to access all content and engagement

Recently, Telligent announced new integrations for both Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Lync. More information about the Sitecore and Telligent community integration can be found on the Telligent Marketplace on

The recent holiday shopping season saw US consumers spending an estimated $32.6 billion online, an increase of 12 percent over the previous year and an all-time record for the season1.  Despite a still soft economy, these figures clearly show the momentum and acceptance that online commerce has gained.  At the same time, online social interaction is poised to replace traditional search.  With over 6 billion minutes per day spent on Facebook alone, your business can’t ignore the social trend.  Now the convergence of these two trend lines creates an opportunity for explosive growth in your online sales.

Discover the easy way to turn website traffic into revenue with EPiServer

In today’s global marketplace, your website is the most vital tool in your sales arsenal. A powerful online presence can help you blast through your sales goals and take your business to the next level. That’s why you need an online solution that will maximize every step in the sales process – from the very first search all the way through final payment.

Increase your customer base and the value of every online transaction

EPiServer offers a full suite of online sales and marketing tools that allow you to:

  • Bring more qualified visitors to your website. Over 57%* of all online purchases begin with a search. Use EPiServer’s built-in SEO tools to drive maximum traffic to your landing pages.
  • Engage your website visitors by providing them with targeted content based on their location, industry or needs.
  • Increase the value of your sales with EPiServer’s upselling and cross-selling features.
  • Leverage the power of social media by creating your own community where customers can post product reviews and engage in conversations.
  • Get instant answers on how your campaigns are performing and which landing pages are delivering the best results.

EPiServer Commerce makes it easy for you to take control of your online sales. You get support for the whole commerce cycle, from the point where users research options and review other visitors’ opinions through to the purchase, delivery and ongoing customer care. The user-friendly interface means you won’t need to contact a web developer every time you want to add new content or track your results.

Falcon-Software offers website planning, creative design, development, Web CMS implimentations, CMS training and server hosting services. We invite you to get started today. Call us for a free consultation at 800-957-1126

Falcon-Software has partnered with these .Net Web CMS Vendor Solutions